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Hivos and Consortium

Telepon : 021-7892489
Alamat : Hivos Southeast Asia Jl. Kemang Selatan XII no. 1 Jakarta Selatan 12560 - Indonesia T: +6221 78837577 F : +6221 7808115
Url :

Lead organization : Hivos
Members :

  • Wageningen University in the Netherlands
  • Yayasan Rumah Energi/YRE

Project Title :

Gathering and Dissemination of Information and Green Knowledge for A Sustainable Integrated Farming Workforce in Indonesia (GADING) and PROFARM (The application of Lemna and biodigestate to enhance profitability of sustainable integrated farming, Indonesia)

 Project Location  :

    NTT, NTB, Yogyakarta, and West Java

Activities :

  • GADING will be a supplementary of BIRU (Biogas Rumah) that has been tapped by Hivos’ successful program.
  • GADING will increase the skills/capacities of farmers to use bio-slurry so more rural men and women can gain incomes from related businesses such as organic fertiliser production, Lemna production, aquaculture, construction of ponds, livestock breeding, fruit and vegetable growing and ‘middle-man’ trading of agricultural products (like livestock, Lemna, fertiliser, and fodder).   

Outcomes of the project:

  • The integrated farming and waste management systems based on the optimized use of bio-digestate and high nutrient Lemna (duckweed) as organic fodder and fertilizer are adopted.
  • The enabling environment for gender-responsive biogas energy production with sustainable agriculture and aquaculture is established.