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Telepon : (0411) 832228
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Alamat : Gedung BaKTI Jl. H. A. Mappanyukki No.32 Makassar 90125 Sulawesi Selatan
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Project Title : Managing and Utilizing Green Knowledge in Indonesia

Project Location  :

  • West Sulawesi : Mamuju and Mamasa;
  • NTB : Central Lombok, East Lombok, North Lombok;
  • NTT : East Sumba, Central Sumba, Southwest Sumba, West Sumba;
  • Jambi: Muara Jambi, Merangin, Kerinci, and Tanjung Jabong Timur

Activities :

  • BaKTI will perform as knowledge manager of GK activities and GP Grantees. The process of collecting, documenting, and disseminating green knowledge to be carried out by BaKTI through this project will involve GK and GP Grantees, its extensive networks, media and events that are able to reach both stakeholders and beneficiaries in a way that allows for the information to be more easily adopted on national and local levels.
  • All knowledge products that have been collected will be disseminated through networks, events, and media platforms. Networks, media platform, and events that will be used in this project for publication and knowledge disseminations, have been managed by BaKTI for ten years. Networks, media platform, and events proposed by BaKTI in this project have been evaluated on regular basis and they have been shown to be useful by the users.