What is Non-Timber Forest Product

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What is Non-Timber Forest Product

Non-Timber Forest Products (HHBK) is one of the benefits of forest that is expected to encourage the sustainable use of forests in Indonesia. Knowledge of the different types of non-timber forest products, and their benefits and management are important to introduce to children in order to foster an appreciation for the sustainable use of our forests.
Community-based non-timber forest product management is part of social forestry activities, one of the issues in low-carbon development that is the main concern of the MCA-Indonesia Green Prosperity Project. The Green Prosperity Project seeks to accelerate the achievement of social forestry targets, and develop sustainable and economically viable community-based forest management models by reducing extractive activities in forests.
This video aims to introduce the potential of non-timber forest products, utilization, and management including the function and its important role in supporting human life. The introduction of various non-timber forest products for children is expected to be the basis for children, future environmental management decision-makers in order to utilize and manage natural resources wisely.